Dying for clean energy

by Zack Cyrus
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some University of North Carolina Wilmington students are "dying" for 100 percent clean energy. Last Thursday, Oct. 20, volunteers gathered on Chancellorís Walk for an event to show the student body and university administration why clean air is essential to the future. Students wore surgical masks and faked death to portray how unclean energy is affecting the overall well being of society. Volunteers lay on the concrete while friends outlined their body in chalk.

"It was a symbolic action," said UNCW ECO president Emma Wicker. However, the chalk outline will remain even after everyone leaves.

"At one point, there were over 30 people lying on the ground," Wicker said.

Student participants held a banner that read, "We are sick of dirty energy."

The banner brought students together in an organized manner to demand climate solutions, clean air and clean water.

The "die in" was similar to a "sit in," Wicker explained, one way that students across the nation are using creative actions to ensure 100 percent clean energy. The event at UNCW occurred in solidarity with students across the country in an effort to stop coal plants, hydraulic fracturing and natural gas from powering their campuses.

"We arenít acting out against our school," Wicker said. In fact, students across the country are speaking their mind to promote clean energy. "We are sending a message to the school that we support the UNCW in their effort," Wicker said.

"The event was definitely a success," said UNCW ECO actions coordinator Brady Bradshaw. The event had more than 50 people gathering on Chancellors Walk wearing surgical masks. "We wanted to really get the point across to everyone while being creative," Bradshaw said.

"We are trying to transition to clean energy," he added.

The "die in" is one of many creative techniques that students across the nation are using to promote a safer environment.

"Itís not just going on here in Wilmington, itís national," Wicker said.

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