Real estate brokers changing marketing tactics to sell homes

by Jenna Jones
Thursday, December 6, 2007


While pricing a home aggressively has always been key, Greg Barber of Coldwell Banker Real Estate said having a plan in place to revisit the list price of the home is tremendously helpful. “With a slower market, it is always important as a seller to price your home aggressively and then have an agreed-upon plan to adjust the price (downward) based on basic selling principles,” Barber said. “I address the sale price of a house more frequently, based on the amount of weekly showings and offers made, to negotiate a decision with the property owners about the current list price.”


As the owner of J. Jeffries Interiors, Jessie Jeffries believes that staging gives homeowners an added edge in conjunction with an aggressive list price. Staging is when a home interior designer uses furniture and other home décor to create a pre-
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Real estate agents will host open houses as an additional advertising solution.
designed layout in a room or space. “I have had some of the best clients in that they realize that a little money goes a long way,” Jeffries began. “People selling their homes are typically reluctant to put money into them; however, the return investment in staging is a fraction of the cost of a price reduction.” In fact, statistics based on a survey of more than 400 homes across Canada and the U.S. show unstaged homes spent an average of 160 days on the market, compared to 31.8 days spent by homes staged by an accredited staging professional (ASP). “Price is a big factor, but if the house does not aesthetically look appealing, then a buyer will typically not consider it because most buyers only know what they see, not what it could be.”


Eva Elmore, a real estate broker with Intracoastal Realty, agrees with Jeffries about a home conveying the appropriate look. “I encourage all of my sellers, especially here at the beach, to make upgrades to sell in a luxury market. Updating your home by changing carpet, paint, cabinet knobs and faucets helps it to look pristine and move-in ready,” Elmore said.

Pre-Listing Inspection

To aid sellers in their home upgrades, Barber takes it one step further and “encourages anyone thinking about selling their home to do a pre-listing home inspection. That way, if you are the seller, you can have a complete list of what needs to be fixed or updated before you pick a listing price.” Barber explains that this inspection has many advantages for buyers, as well, because with the list, “there are no surprises when you begin searching for a home.”


Internet marketing has become essential for many brokers, including Landfall real estate broker Alison Benhart, who said, “We have been very fortunate in our Web site marketing, and normally get over 700 hits and 12,000 pages a week.”<

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