ONLINE UPDATE: Bridge construction punch-list items to continue

by Kelly Corbett
Friday, March 28, 2014

The official completion date of the $8 million Heide Trask Drawbridge construction is scheduled for Monday, March 31, but the contractor will be finishing punch-list items for the next two to three weeks.

Wanda James, assistant resident engineer for the North Carolina Department of Transportation Burgaw office, said Friday, March 28, that most of the major items by the contractor, American Bridge Company, are complete.

“We’re still on schedule,” James said. “We have finished our major items of work. We are still probably going to be doing punch-list items for the next two or three weeks, but it should not interfere with traffic. If it does, it will just be a minimal interference at this point in time.”

Any additional work can be scheduled during nights, she said.

“You probably won’t even know we’re out there,” James said. “The contractor is demobilizing his trailer as we speak and taking all of his stuff off the site except for what he needs to do his punch-list stuff.”

She said there may be a lane closure to tidy some of the work, but she is not anticipating one right now.

A possible replacement of a bearing could require an additional overnight lane closure. Resurfacing is planned for late May, possible into early June, on both sides of the bridge. That work will be completed at night.

The full story will print Thursday, April 3.


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