Neptune’s owners to open pizza pub

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Staff photo by Cole Dittmer 

The owners of King Neptune’s Restaurant, Danny and Earl McPherson, plan to open a new pizzeria pub by early April, located in the former Incredible Pizza space in Lumina Commons.

Those used to having a pizzeria in Lumina Commons will have a new slice to look for after the closing of Incredible Pizza in early February. 

King Neptune’s Restaurant owners Danny and Earl McPherson are hoping for an early April opening for their newest venture, Bessie and Giuseppe, which will feature hand-tossed New York style pizzas, burgers and salads. 

Danny McPherson said the restaurant would offer something not available at other nearby pizza restaurants by featuring multiple dining options. 

“We knew that there weren’t too many pizza places nearby that are what I call a full-service pizza place where you can dine in, take out and have it delivered,” McPherson said. “So that is what brought our attention to the place.”

Delivery would be limited to roughly a 3-mile radius from the restaurant, McPherson said. 

Knowing that Incredible Pizza had a lucrative delivery business and being familiar with the community helped. The brothers decided to jump on the opportunity. 

“It is a great location, too, you can’t ask for more than 200 cars in front of your restaurant every day,” he said. “Plans for the place have been in development for more than a year, it just took a while to get everything to line up.”

All of the ingredients for the pizzas, salads and burgers will be fresh and never frozen, McPherson said, adding that the hamburger meat would be all-natural beef with no antibiotics or hormones added.

The McPhersons hired Matt Lloyd, a five-year veteran of Slice of Life pizzeria, to helm Bessie and Giuseppe as the general manager because of his experience in a pizza- and pub-style restaurant. 

The interior of the space will be altered from the Incredible Pizza layout with hardwood flooring, an enclosed kitchen, full-service bar, warm color theme and seating space for nearly 50. Seating will consist of spacious booths and tables, and possibly some outdoor seating. McPherson said having a more comfortable and inviting dining area would encourage more customers to dine in. 

Although the food will be different than what is offered at King Neptune’s, McPherson said the atmosphere would be similar in some aspects. 

“We will still be really involved with that, but it just has a smaller, intimate feel to it, which goes along with that vibe,” he said.

Also like King Neptune’s, McPherson said the restaurant would focus on quality food at affordable prices. 

“Just like King Neptune’s, we will come up with some really good specials,” McPherson said. “Potentially, there may be a dollar slice day to go along with the dollar taco deal at Neptune’s, which everyone seems to know about now.”

With Bessie and Giuseppe’s location, food, and delivery services, McPherson said he hopes the restaurant will be less seasonal than King Neptune’s. 

“The tourists are great but this is to be more focused on the year-round locals,” he said. “It is still going to be seasonal but not as much, and we are really excited about that.”


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