Tax liens released for 2013 tax year

by Pat Bradford
Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2013 Tax lien notices were released today by the New Hanover County Tax department.  

In the compilation of more than 4,000 delinquent listings, 187 property owners owe less than $10 in unpaid property tax, but 1,656 have outstanding tax bills owed for less than $500. Some 820 others have outstanding liens for between $1,000 and $2,000. 

While 25 owe more than $10,000, of these five owe more than $20,000. One of these, Joyner Marina, LLC, is reported as owing $51,474.50 in unpaid taxes for R08519-002-002-000, with a second lesser listing of $8,878.24 due for parcel R08519-002-028-000. Both listings are located on Marina Street, Carolina Beach. Joyner Marina’s address in the tax records is Raleigh. 

Another Carolina Beach marina with high tax bills is St. Joseph’s Marina, LLC,  in the tax liens for the property identified as R08818-006-016-000 for unpaid taxes of $10,122.33, as well as R08818-006-051-000 for an additional amount due of $6,141.76. Tax records indicate this property in Carolina Beach, on St. Joseph’s Street on the western side of Myrtle Grove Sound, is owned by Region’s Bank.

General Electric Credit Equities, Inc. is listed as owing $24,229.63 for parcel R04300-007-038-000 with a second listing for General Electric Credit Equities, Inc. for parcel R05007-004-011-000 in the amount of $7,192.93.  Both properties are in the 6400 block of Market Street. Bloomburg Business Week lists General Electric Credit Equities, Inc. as a subsidiary of General Electric Company. The tax liens total $31,022.56

Notable in other listings is Queensboro Holdings II, LLC which owes $24,534.26 for five properties zoned light industrial on Castle and Marsteller streets.

Baltic Investment Properties, LLC, formed in 2010, with revenues of $120,000, owes $18,303.15 in back taxes. 

M&M Developers, Inc. is delinquent $15,416.68 for undeveloped land; Riverside of Wilmington Partnership owes $11,795 for the parcel at 124 S. Front St. in the city’s central business district; and in Wrightsville Beach’s central business district, North Lumina Holdings, LLC for parcel R06308-015-006-000, which is the commercial establishment 22 North is in arrears $7,273.29 in unpaid taxes. 

Front Street Theatre, LLC owes $5,957.38 for R04720-010-010-015; Indie Ice Co, which lists David Spetrino as its manager, owes $5,826.75 for a Brunswick Street property and a listing for New Hanover County in Trust for New Hanover County etal owing $12,544.57. This 61-acre property, at 3990 Independence Blvd., is zoned heavy industrial. 

Payment for unpaid tax liens can be made at the New Hanover County Tax Department, 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 190, Wilmington.   

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