ONLINE UPDATE: Candidates for 2014 elections

by Staff
Friday, February 28, 2014

The following is a list of candidates for public office in 2014.

Primaries will take place May 6. Election day is Nov. 4.

This list will continue to be updated as candidates provide information.

U.S. Senate

Mark Harris, Republican

Heather Grant, Republican

Ted Alexander, Republican

Greg Brannon, Republican

Will Stewart, Democrat

Kay Hagan, Democrat (incumbent)

Ernest T. Reeves, Democrat

Sean Haugh, Libertarian

Tim D'Annunzio, Liberarian

Alex Lee Bradshaw, Republican

Thom Tillis, Republican

Jim Snyder, Republican

Edward Kryn, Republican

U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

Marshall Adame, Democrat

Walter Jones, Republican (incumbent)

Taylor Griffin, Republican

Al Novinec, Republican

U.S. House of Representatives, District 7

Woody White, Republican

Jonathan Barfield, Democrat

Chris Andrade, Republican

David Rouzer, Republican

J. Wesley Casteen, Libertarian

Walter A. Martin, Democrat

North Carolina Senate, District 9

Elizabeth Redenbaugh, Democrat

Michael Lee, Republican

Michael T. Burns, Republican

Justin LaNasa, Republican

North Carolina House of Representatives, District 18

Susi Hamilton, Democrat (incumbent)

North Carolina House of Representatives, District 18

Ted Davis, Republican (incumbent)

North Carolina House of Representatives, District 20

Rick Catlin, Republican (incumbent)

Betsy Jordan, Democrat

New Hanover County Commissioner (2 seats)

Skip Watkins, a Republican, is a financial adviser who ran unsuccessfully for Wilmington City Council in 2013. He said Jan. 28 he is running to maintain a fiscally-responsible mentality on the board of commissioners, and wants to see more collaboration between the county, the city and the beach towns.

Dr. Chuck Kays, a Republican, is a plastic surgeon from Kansas City who has lived in Wilmington for 22 years. He said Feb. 4 he believes he can apply his medical background to a job as a commissioner, and would listen to the community’s needs and make decisions based on facts.

Rob Zapple, a Democrat, is running again after an unsuccessful bid for the board of commissioners in 2012. In a Feb. 3 interview he said education funding, environmental protection and sustainable economic development would be his top priorities if elected.

Frank Roberts, a Republican, is owner of Frank Roberts Construction Company, is a Coast Guard veteran who owns Frank Roberts Construction Company. He said Feb. 28  he is interested in the real estate industry, and listed environmental issues, beach nourishment and dredging as is main political interests.

Ricky Meeks, Republican

John Dismukes, a Republican, works as an admissions and advising coordinator for Wesleyan College. With a resume that includes serving on the crime prevention council, he listed jobs, reducing the crime rate and keeping taxes low as his foci.

Patricia Spear, a Democrat, has owned a local an insurance agency for 14 years, working with seniors and the disabled to insure their continuing care and quality of life. In a Feb. 18 press release she stated she would focus on sustainable industry and cooperation with the city if elected.

Hank Thomas, a Republican, is an army veteran of 30 years who describes himself as a fiscal conservative. He said Feb. 28 the commissioners need to work together more and take more time to ask detailed questions regarding spending decisions.

Campbell Dodd, a Republican, is a real estate appraiser who has lived in New Hanover County – with the exception of two years – since beginning college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 1978. In a Feb. 28 interview he criticized the extent to which budget conversations appear to happen behind the scenes and said he would bring more transparency to the process.

Derrick Hickey, Republican

Dave Conklin, Republican

Charles D. Kuebler, Republican

New Hanover County Board of Education (4 seats)

Ed Higgins, Republican (incumbent)

Janice Cavenaugh, Republican (incumbent)

Don Hayes, Republican (incumbent)

Bruce Shell, a Republican, was the New Hanover County Manager for seven years, having retired in 2012. He said Feb. 28 he had a brief stint as interim town manager for Carolina Beach last year, but now wants to use his background working on county budgets for 25 years to improve the way education dollars are spent.

Jim Brumit, a Republican, is a retired army colonel who serves as the secretary for the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority’s Board of Directors. Having worked as the general manager for National Linens Service plants in Wilmington and Fayetteville, he now is self-employed as a tax preparer and said Feb. 28 he would bring fiscal conservatism to the board of education if elected.

Emma Saunders, Democrat

Chris Meek, Democrat

New Hanover County Sheriff

Sid Causey, Democrat

Ed McMahon, Democrat (incumbent)

Marc Benson, Republican

Jason Vaugn, Republican

District Attorney, District 5

Ben David, Democrat (incumbent)

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