County budgets for beach and inlet projects

by Sam Wilson
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shoreline mapping and the pursuit of a state-held permit for Carolina Beach Inlet’s future dredging will receive up to an additional $125,000 from New Hanover County’s Room Occupancy Tax, following unanimous approval of two separate budget amendments by the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners.

During the Feb. 17 meeting, county engineering director Jim Iannucci presented the two requests, initially receiving pushback from Chairman Woody White about the $50,000 increase requested for the county’s ongoing shoreline mapping project, compared with the staff proposal the board approved during its July 15, 2013, meeting.

“I don’t recall any comments that there may be an additional request that would up the amount considerably seven months later,” White said. “It’s not an insignificant amount of money.”

The county originally budgeted $150,000 for the program. The Raleigh-based engineering firm Moffatt and Nichol will survey the movement of sand along the county’s shoreline each year, as well as after major storm events. The amendment brought the total obligation to $200,000.

Iannucci said the additional funding was needed for the one-time review of existing Army Corps of Engineers documents related to sand movement. Successive years will still be funded at $150,000 annually.

A state-led effort to coordinate funds to obtain a general permit for dredging North Carolina’s five shallow-draft inlets will see New Hanover County responsible for up to $75,000 to help pay for the permit application. The state will cover half of the $300,000 cost, with the remainder split among participating localities.

Iannucci said at least one other county will participate in the project.

During the end of the meeting, three appointments to the Port, Waterway and Beach Commission saw David Weaver, a member of the county’s planning board and former assistant county manager, lose his seat along with Port of Wilmington terminal manager Lara Landgraf. Weaver was the chairman of the commission, which advises the county’s activities on beach nourishment, dredging and port-related issues.

New appointments include former Carolina Beach Mayor Dennis Barbour and Glenn McIntosh, former corps civil engineer. Engineer Paul Woodbury was reappointed for another term. Each term lasts three years.

In other business, county environmental manager Joe Suleyman updated the board about the county’s ongoing efforts to clean up debris from the prior week’s ice storm. After an initial assessment, he said staff found sufficient damage to justify activating the county’s debris management contract.

“In the past we’ve always done this in preparation for hurricanes,” Suleyman said. “We never thought this was something we’d need to do in February

A map, available on www., allows residents to see when they will receive pickup for yard debris. Another round of pickups will be conducted after the first round is finished. Residents may also find out when they are scheduled for pickup services by calling 910-798-6800.

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