ONLINE UPDATE: Murray takes Fire on the Dock

by By Cole Dittmer
Tuesday, February 18, 2014

In a final battle that left chefs Kirsten Mitchell and Antoine Murray separated by two points, it was Murray who nosed ahead to capture his first Competition Dining NC Fire on the Dock series title.

The secret ingredients for the final, which took place on Monday, Feb. 18, at Bluewater Grill, were Certified Angus Beef Eye of Ribeye and Joe Van Gogh Coffee, both products of North Carolina. Murray said the complexity of his second dish of coffee and balsamic marinated ribeye, herbed barley, coffee steeped mushrooms, Peruvian coffee jus, honey glazed bacon, parsnips, wilted greens,
mascarpone sweet potatoes and candied pecans was an example of the effort he and his team poured into the final.

While each chef’s other two dishes were separated by an overall score of less than a point, Murray’s final dish of cappuccino cheesecake, Peruvian chocolate cake and Ethiopian crème patissiere beat Mitchell’s final dish by more than five points overall.

Although disappointed, Mitchell said competing in the Fire on the Dock series always rejuvenates her cooking.

After the results were delivered the flood of diners leaving greeted Murray and his team of Benjamin Guaman, Justin Mooney and Vernon Puglisi.

“It feels good because every year it felt like we should have made it but something happened here or there, and this year everything lined up for us and we made it happen,” Murray said in between congratulatory remarks.

Donning the champion Red Chef’s Jacket, and holding the Ironman Forge custom chef’s knife and $2,000 check, the previously intense Murray was all smiles when joined by his wife and two children.


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