ONLINE UPDATE: Rouzer campaigns in Wilmington with Cantor's support

by Kelly Corbett
Monday, February 17, 2014

David Rouzer, a candidate for North Carolina’s 7th Congressional District, traveled to Wilmington with U.S. Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia on Monday, Feb. 17 for two campaign fundraisers, prompting criticism from opposing candidate and New Hanover County Commission Chairman Woody White.

During a press conference in front of the first stop, Rouzer said he talked with Cantor and Congressman Patrick McHenry of the North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District about beach renourishment, inlet and waterway dredging and flood insurance issues facing the coastal communities.

“You have many who are experiencing huge hikes in premiums for flood insurance,” Rouzer said. “They’re currently deliberating a bill in Congress now to address some of those issues. I’ve explained to him that that is a very, very critical and important issue here in this part of the state, in particular here in our coastal communities. … When you have huge increases in premiums and when it’s an incredible increase over a very short period of time that has a very negative economic impact on this area.”

He said it was almost exactly two years ago when he filed to run for Congress against Mike McIntyre, losing by a narrow 655 votes with more than 300,000 votes cast.

“It was about two years ago, almost exactly, when I filed for office to run for Congress,” Rouzer said. “And I did so for the same reason that I’ll soon be filing to run for office for Congress in 2014, and that is I firmly believe that we have a four to five-year window of opportunity to turn this country around.”

Cantor said he supported Rouzer before White announced he was running for the congressional seat, but added it is uncommon for him to get involved in primary races.

“He’s from the district, he understands the issues throughout,” Cantor said. “He understands the coastal issues that plague the residents here along the ocean.”

White held a press conference on the corner of Walnut and North Front streets in front of Cape Fear Community College one hour prior to Rouzer’s conference, criticizing Cantor for voting among 28 Republicans and 193 Democrats on Wednesday, Feb. 12 to increase the federal debt ceiling.

“It wasn’t just an ordinary vote, it was a vote that caved into Obama and his allies,” White said. “… David Rouzer today is at a fundraiser with Majority Leader Eric Cantor. I would have suggested to Mr. Cantor, thank you but no thanks. And instead of raising campaign cash, I would have stood on principle.”

He said the location of the press conference and the students standing behind him represented that without spending being cut, the burden is shouldered by students at CFCC and other schools in the country.

Rouzer released a statement saying that he would not have voted in favor of increasing the debt ceiling.

The full story will be printed Thursday, Feb. 20.


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