Winter at the Beach through children’s eyes

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The North Carolina Coastal Federation and the Wrightsville Beach Museum are beginning a partnership with a children’s program aimed at educating students about happenings during Winter at the Beach.

The program, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m., will focus on the ecology, creatures and air during the wintertime.

“What do you look for in the winter that is different at the beach than what you see in the summertime?” said Madeline Flagler, museum director. “It’s not always just the absence of things, sometimes there are aspects of the beach that are unique to that season.”

Ted Wilgis, educational coordinator for the Southeast Regional Office of the North Carolina Coastal Federation, said during the program, they will look at animals, plants, the salt marsh and the beach.

“What’s the salt marsh getting ready for in terms of the spring? During the winter, what happens to the animals,” Wilgis said. 

The program will begin and end at the museum with a short trip to the salt marsh for exploration, so people can understand the beach and salt marsh are living entities in terms of being living systems, Wilgis said. 

There will be an arts and crafts project allowing students to use items found on the brief field trip for the creation of a winter scene of the beach or salt marsh.

“Hopefully they will find some things while they’re out there, but we will also have a supply of stuff they can use as well,” Wilgis said. “… We teach a lot about barrier island and beach ecology and salt marsh ecology in classes and through field trips. This is a little bit of a new take on it. We’re probably working with younger students and also using arts and crafts as a way to engage students, giving them information, but allowing them to take that information and create something of their own.”

The program is limited to 15  elementary children. There are giveaways at each museum children’s program, and preregistration adds to the chance of winning. Call the museum at 910-256-2569 to make reservations.

“It’s an exciting partnership, the big start of a partnership with the Coastal Federation and the Wrightsville Beach Museum,” Wilgis said. “As we open our center, we’ll hopefully do more programs … and we’re looking forward to working with them.”


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