Pledging to be kind at WBS

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Staff photo by Cole Dittmer 

The I Will Be kindness poster was one of the projects completed by students at Wrightsville Beach School as part of the inaugural Dolphin Deeds Week organized by the WBS PTA to support the students’ emotional health.

Friendship chains, kindness posters and valentine’s cards for military servicemen and women were all part of the inaugural Dolphin Deeds Week at Wrightsville Beach School that concluded on Friday, Feb. 7. 

Wrightsville Beach School PTA vice president Elizabeth Beacham said the idea for the weeklong friendship and kindness celebration came from the PTA health and wellness committee. 

“In years past we focused on the physical health of the students, but now we wanted to focus on their emotional health,” Beacham said. “The emphasis was on doing good things for people and pledging to be kind.” 

One activity for the students was to write Valentine’s Day cards to military servicemen and women, or even local heroes like the Wrightsville Beach Police Department or Wrightsville Beach Fire Department. 

Fifth-grader Abigail Richardson chose to address her card to a member of the military. 

“I think it was great that we wrote cards to the military people, because they are not going to be here on Valentine’s Day with their families,” Richardson said. “I said, dear military men and women, I hope you have a very good Valentine’s Day, and I think it is very good that you guys are fighting for our freedom.”

Students also took turns answering the prompt of a banner outside the school with the open-ended statement “I Will Be.” Answers included things like: “I will be grateful for my family and friends,” and “I will say nice words and I will be kind.” 

Richardson said one of her favorite activities was creating a poster with her friend Sienna Corelli about what friendship means to them. 

“We put being kind, sharing and helping each other out when they need it,” she said. “We already do those things, because we have known each other since we were five and we get along really good.”

The Buddy Bench to be installed on the WBS playground is another outcome of Dolphin Deeds Week. Beacham said the bench is for students feeling left out or having a bad day. A student sitting on the Buddy Bench would hopefully serve as a signal for the other students to pay more attention to that student, she said. 

With it being the first Dolphin Deeds Week, Richardson said she hopes WBS will have another because it changed the way she views friendships and kindness. 


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