‘A View from Space’ blasts off

by Alex Constantinou
Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Supplied photo courtesy of Oregon Museum of Science and Industry/Sam Forencich 

Young visitors can play with space-themed toys at the traveling exhibit, “A View from Space,” opening at the Cape Fear Museum on Saturday, Feb. 1.

The Cape Fear Museum in downtown Wilmington will be hosting an exhibit created by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, Ore. 

The exhibit, “A View from Space,” begins Saturday, Feb. 1 and will immerse visitors with hands-on experience demonstrating the abilities and uses of artificial satellites and what that means for science and humanity.

The exhibit comprises 14 bilingual panels, featuring text in English and Spanish, illustrating a variety of topics concerning satellites and their modern uses. 

The exhibit will help those who visit gain a sense of how much we can learn from satellites and their different technologies, said Adrienne Garwood, the Cape Fear Museum’s exhibit manager.  “Satellites work non-stop to supply information,” she said.   

Each panel covers a different aspect of satellite technology, from where in the atmosphere different satellites orbit to how satellites are used to track seasonal changes throughout time. Visitors will also learn how satellite vision is capable of detecting things invisible to the human eye, such as ocean temperatures and atmospheric pollution, using infrared technology. 

Maintaining a focus on hands-on visuals with text kept to a minimum, the exhibit will be as accessible to children as it is to adults. Visitors will be able to spin a globe to see how exactly a satellite orbits Earth and how that pertains to what satellites can see. In continuance with the hands-on aspect of the exhibit, guests will also be able to view the Earth from space and identify landmarks such as the Grand Canyon. 

The Cape Fear Museum will incorporate a local perspective into the exhibit with a focus on regional events. Visitors will be able to see how satellites tracked Hurricane Charley in 2004, and to predict the landfall of the storm.

Prior to its arrival in Wilmington, “A View from Space” was on display at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium in Tulsa, Okla. When it leaves the Cape Fear Museum, the exhibit will be displayed at the Bell Museum of Natural History in Indianapolis.  

The exhibit will be on display at the Cape Fear Museum from Saturday, Feb. 1 to Sunday, Sept. 7. Admission to the museum is $7 for adults and $6 for seniors, active military and college students. Children under the age of 5 will be admitted for free. 

Visit www.capefearmuseum.com  for more information.

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