ONLINE UPDATE: Military helicopters rumble Wrightsville

by Sam Wilson
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two military helicopters hovered above Wrightsville Beach about 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15 after their scheduled landing at Wilmington International Airport was delayed by an unexpected high-priority flight.

First Lt. Hector Alejandro, the media officer for the Second Marine Aircraft Wing in Cherry Point, said later in the day the two helicopters were performing tactical formation training before their scheduled landing was postponed.

He added one of the helicopters was a Cobra, an attack helicopter, and the other was a UH-1, which is used for transportation. Both had come from the New River Air Station near Jacksonville.

“It's just a routine tactical formation training that our pilots do in order to maintain their readiness,” Alejandro said. “This is a type of training to make sure that they can form a cohesive unit ... usually a squadron is composed of only one type of aircraft, but the Marine Light Helicopter Attack Squadrons usually do have UH-1 and cobras that work in conjunction to provide aerial support while the UH-1 is dropping off people."

Alejandro was unsure whether additional training exercises could be expected in the future.


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