Tower 7 and Café Del Mar to receive refresher

by Cole Dittmer
Monday, January 13, 2014

Staff photo by Cole Dittmer

 Tower 7 Baja Grill and Café Del Mar will be closing Monday, Jan. 13, for about two weeks for renovations. The only major layout change will be a smaller bar for Café Del Mar.

Following the recent overhaul of his K38 Baja Grill on Oleander Drive that reopened in May 2013, restaurateur Josh Vach scheduled a renovation of Wrightsville Beach’s Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grill and Café Del Mar coffee shop starting Monday, Jan. 13. 

Opened in 2001, Tower 7 operated for six years before Vach purchased the adjoining Café Del Mar from previous owner Ace Cofer. 

Now both spaces will receive a makeover, and K38’s Susan Croom said the Café Del Mar side would see the biggest change. 

“It is all going to look similar to what it is now,” Croom said. “In the Café Del Mar side, where the bar comes out really far in both length and width, it is going to be taken back more so the bar is not out in the middle of the walkway.”

In minimizing the Café Del Mar bar, there will be extra space for patrons and staff in both sides to move around. Croom said it has not been determined yet if the space will be used for additional seating. 

“There was just way too much space over there for the coffee shop and it makes it hard when they do dinner service at Tower 7,” she said.

As with K38, Wrightsville Beach resident Eddie Collins will be completing the renovations, which, in addition to a new Café Del Mar bar, will include new floor and ceiling panels, fresh paint, a bathroom upgrade and a few other fresh additions. Unlike K38, the Tower 7 work is only scheduled to take two weeks. 

“If we were saying two months instead of two weeks, I think we would have a revolt, but right now everyone thinks they can deal with it,” Croom said. “Of course all the other locations will be open so everyone can get their salsa fix.”

Without any major renovation work to Tower 7 in several years, Croom said it was long due for the attention. 

“We are trying to do one a year to get everyone up-fitted and refreshed a bit,” she said. “Obviously Tower 7 is so busy in the summertime that was just the next logical choice, and I think the locals and tourists will be pleasantly surprised.”

In addition to Tower 7 and the K38 on Oleander Drive, Vach also owns and operates another K38 in Porter’s Neck, and Las Olas in the Forum. Of all the locations, Croom said Tower 7 is by far the busiest when tourist season comes. 

There are no major changes planned for the Tower 7 or Café Del Mar menus. Croom said patrons could stay tuned to the K38, Tower 7 and Café Del Mar Facebook page for progress updates. 


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