Cat Show vibe illustrated in short film

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Supplied image courtesy of Madden Meiners 

“Cat Show,” a documentary by Madden Meiners of Wrightsville Beach, will screen during the Cucalorus Film Festival on Sunday, Nov. 17, at 1:30 p.m., at TheatreNOW.

Filmed at a Wilmington Cat Show in 2007, Madden Meiners documented his experience with fellow cat lovers in his short film “Cat Show” to air for the final time at the annual Cucalorus Film Festival.

The 31-year-old Wrightsville Beach resident went into the one-day event without any prepared questions so he could feel the vibe from the show, which he described as cat heaven.

“All you hear is cats meowing the whole time,” Meiners said. “People are more than happy to talk about their cats, and there are pictures of their cats everywhere. There were cakes that had their cats’ faces on them. It seems like a tight-knit community, because a lot of these people travel around year round every single weekend throughout the entire country to do this.”

The notable difference between a cat show and a dog show is how the owners play with their cats for the show versus dogs competing in obstacle courses during dog shows, he said.

“I knew that the way I communicated with my pet was different than the way I communicated with other people,” Meiners said about the late Sox, a tuxedo cat his aunt gave him. “I knew that exploring that pet-owner relationship would kind of be humorous at times, because people don’t realize how they act.”

He first created a trailer. After he received more interest, Meiners produced a 10-minute film selected to play during two Cat Video Film Festivals. He has been working on “Cat Show” on and off for six years and created everything down to the music for the short film.

“It’s kind of been a long time coming, and I figured that Cucalorus would be a good send off,” Meiners said.

With experience in front of and behind the camera, Meiners started out in the film industry after college as a basketball double on One Tree Hill, before he co-produced his first film “For Keeps” with James Lafferty that debuted at Cucalorus in 2008.

While finishing “Cat Show” for Cucalorus, Meiners also recently finished shooting and editing a music video filmed in Wrightsville Beach. 

“I’m hoping that the new year will bring new projects,” Meiners said. “I’d like to start working with larger budget ultimately, because I feel like that’s a good challenge, next step.”

He said he hopes to draw inspiration from Cucalorus filmmakers and their work.

“Cat Show” will play on Sunday, Nov. 17, at 1:30 p.m., at TheatreNOW as part of the Cucalorus Bog Bean Shorts film block.

For more information or to follow Meiners during Cucalorus, visit his blog at

“I don’t want people to feel like this is just cat people, it’s all people,” Meiners said. “At the heart of it is the relationship of pets and their owners and the love that they have for each other.”


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