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by Staff
Wednesday, October 23, 2013

n its 10/16 story, “CFPUA board to lose rights to 11,000 acres of groundwater,” some essential facts were left out of the piece that would have provided important context about CFPUA’s agreement with Duke Energy.  If they had been included, one would be able to draw the conclusion that our board had not “lost” the rights to any groundwater in northwestern New Hanover County.

The reason why CFPUA agreed to the request that it not place new wells in the area is simple and was clearly relayed during our public meeting.  The Authority’s Master Plan, developed years ago, does not call for the construction of ANY new CFPUA wells in the area.  To support the future growth that is desired for the region, the master plan only calls for a pipeline to be installed at some point.  

Based on the concerns of our board members, also clearly detailed during our board meeting, the initial language is being changed to allow CFPUA to construct wells if certain situations or conditions exist.  This does not, however, change the approach outlined in our Master Plan. The region is to be served by a water pipeline.

It was also alleged that CFPUA was ”bullied” into the agreement.  CFPUA’s first concern is public health.  What we have here is an agreement ending potential drinking water concerns for Flemington residents while providing the backbone for future growth in northwestern New Hanover County.  

You don’t have to take my word for it; our public meeting is available for viewing at www.cfpua.org

Mike McGill

Chief Communications Officer

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA)

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