5th Avenue to Eastwood Road: Soho Bakery and Cafe

by Alex Constantinou
Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Staff photo by Joshua Curry 

Sammy Abdallah, owner of the Soho Bakery and Cafe on Eastwood Road, offering cakes, breads and sandwiches, opened the authentic New York bakery in late July.

Sammy Abdallah opened Soho Bakery and Cafe in Wilmington on July 27, 2013. With the help of his father, Abdallah and his business have taken over the storefront on Eastwood Road previously occupied by Eastwood Grill and Mart.

Sammy’s father, Mac Abdallah, came to America from Jerusalem in the early 1970s. At the age of 17 he started working in one of New York City’s many bakeries. By 23, he had opened his first bakery on 5th Avenue with the help of his brother. Seeming to possess all the skills necessary to run a successful bakery, Abdallah soon found himself the owner of several bakeries in New York. 

Eventually relocating to Raleigh, N.C., Abdallah opened Manhattan Bakery. Manhattan Bakery was primarily a wholesale bakery, supplying local restaurants and hospitals with baked goods. 

In 2004, Abdallah opened the first Soho Bakery in Wake Forest, N.C. Like the rest of his ventures, Soho Bakery enjoyed great success. After hearing from a friend about Wilmington’s seemingly open market for bakeries and cafes, he helped his son Sammy open Soho Bakery and Cafe at its current location at 318 Eastwood Road. While Mac Abdallah is still around, Soho is run primarily by Sammy Abdallah. 

“He’s still here, teaching me tricks,” Sammy Abdallah said. 

Soho Bakery and Cafe houses a full bakery, deli and cafe. All the baked goods are made in-house and baked fresh every day. Anything not sold that day is donated to charity. Featuring a variety of muffins, cannolis and Danishes, Soho also prepares special orders. The deli features Boar’s Head products and boasts a famous Reuben sandwich. 

“I’ve had customers tell me they haven’t had a Reuben like that since they left New York,” Abdallah said. 

The cafe seats roughly 50 people, with additional outdoor seating to be available soon. 

For more information about Soho Bakery and Cafe visit its Facebook page at WWW.facebook.com/sohobakeryandcafenc  or call at 910-859-7714.

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