Landfall Art Show boasts 100 local artists’ creations

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Staff photo by Emmy Errante

 Shayne Greco’s “Giant Octopus Urn,” winner of Best in Show.

The Landfall Foundation plans to distribute $180,000 to 100 organizations this year.

Janet Burkholder, foundation president, announced the donation plans during the reception and preview of the 14th Annual Art Show and Sale at the Dye Clubhouse on Wednesday, Aug. 28.

The event brought artists, sponsors and foundation board members together before the weekend art show opened to the public last Thursday.

Judge Larry Moore spent the day Wednesday picking the top three Best in Show winners for the art show, along with four honorable mentions and the 14 Best in Category awards.

“It was a really great mix of work, varied styles,” said Moore, a painter by trade.

Basing his decisions on a set of criteria, Moore looked at the artwork for the level of ability. He also considered the presentation and uniqueness, the creative aspect to see if the intention of the piece was met, and the voice. He said he could come in and pick the top 12 pieces in 10 minutes, but he dedicated more time to the pieces, since this show features a wide range in the artists’ level of experience and skill.

During the show, students from the Thalian Hall Children’s Theater performed three songs.

The 23-inch tall “Giant Octopus Urn,” priced at $1,600, won Best in Show, the top award. Artist Shayne Greco, who created the winning piece, was one of the 15 3D artists featured.

“This is one of the only shows I will do,” Greco said.

He has crafted ceramics for a little more than two years, originally getting into the trade when he needed a serving dish for himself and could not afford the Vietri platter he wanted.

“I thought I could do it better,” Greco said.

Greco’s pieces typically take about three to four weeks to finish because of drying time.

His other 17 pieces in the show incorporated crabs, lobsters, sea turtles and seahorses.

Before the preview began, Marty Allran, another 3D artist, had already sold one of her pieces featuring a bird partly made from driftwood.

“I can’t stick with a certain theme,” Allran said. “… I have too many ideas in my head.”

The preview also served as a time for artists to reconnect. After seeing the best in show award ribbon by Greco’s urn, Allran told onlookers the winner was her friend and that she was the one who got him into his first gallery. Greco is now in 17 galleries, she said.

Ed Hearn won second for best in show with “Lionfish,” and Terry Rosenfelder won third for best in show with “Life Imitates, Art.”

In addition to the 3D artists, 85 artists created paintings, jewelry, ceramics and more for the show. Because the artwork is from local artists, many feature sea creatures and local landmarks like Roberts Market and Dockside Restaurant.


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