Apple specialist opens in Forum

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Staff photo by Allison Potter 

Salesperson Zachary Kolk works with some of the merchandise at CityMac on Tuesday, Sept. 3.

Certified Apple retailer CityMac has opened in The Forum, bringing a store devoted to all things Apple to Wilmington. CityMac Chief Operating Officer Kevin Trivett said the company has been in business 28 years and the services available to customers include sales of all Apple products and accessories, in warranty and out of warranty repairs, and a wide range of class offerings all led by all by CityMac’s Apple certified staff. 

“We do the basic classes in a group environment but from there we do one-on-one classes because it is hard to give a group class where everyone wants to learn the same stuff,” Trivett said. “You come in, tell us what you want to learn and we find the right instructor to pair you with.”

Prices for the classes vary but Trivett said they are all relatively inexpensive with the basic class priced at $10. A schedule of classes will soon be posted online and in the store with no preregistration required. 

With the closest Apple retail location in Raleigh and the closest CityMac in Myrtle Beach, Trivett said Wilmington was a logical move for the firm’s fourth location. 

“We look at areas we know Apple is not going to open a store but where there is a good market for it,” he said. “Wilmington’s residential population as well as the school population is a perfect match for us.”

On the sales end Trivett said all Apple computing products are available, from iMacs to iPhone sales through Verizon Wireless. With a purchase of any desktop, laptop or tablet Mac product from CityMac with Apple’s AppleCare warranty, Trivett said CityMac customers would automatically be enrolled in CityMac for Life, which includes benefits like free basic training classes, up to 30 percent off service and support labor and 10 percent extra trade-in credit for used Apple computers.  

Before Apple opened its retail stores eight years ago Trivett said there were nearly 2,000 Apple retail businesses but that now there are around 220. While customers can find everything in CityMac they can find in an Apple retail store, he said the store itself is designed to look much different. 

“Everything is not white and most of the market is 40 years old plus, so they go into Apple stores and are intimidated really quick but here they think it is more relaxing and comfortable,” Trivett said. “That is what our overall corporate look wants to be.”

CityMac opened its doors on Aug. 24, for a soft opening and without any advertising Trivett said the store has had a good amount of foot traffic so far. A grand opening for the location is planned for this weekend, Sept. 7-8, with specials on select Apple products. 

“Everybody now pretty much has an iPhone, has an iPad or has touched one of the devices and our business goal is to show customers that those products, as well as the computers, seamlessly go together,” he said. 


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