Local woman runs D-Lish bakery from home

by Alex Constantinou
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Staff photo by Allison Potter 

Denice Bright of D-Lish! by Denice sells homemade sweets at the Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market on Monday, July 8.

Denice Bright has been baking for the majority of her life. Her love for baking started in adolescence when, as the eldest of five children, Bright often found herself cooking and baking for her siblings. What started as a hobby soon became a more dedicated pastime as she recognized her own talents and drew upon feedback and criticisms of her fairly large customer base, four younger siblings. 

As she grew up, Bright continued practicing her confectionery arts. Soon she began taking requests and special orders from family and friends, and often found her baked goods to be the topic of discussion and praise when she baked around the holidays. Over time, Bright decided that her implementations of flour and sugar deserved a more dedicated, concentrated approach. With that in mind, she began pursuing her baking as a full-time venture, naming her new business D-Lish by Denice. 

That was one month ago. Since then, Bright has converted her home kitchen into a full-time production kitchen. She keeps busy; all her goods are baked and packaged by Bright herself. When she’s not physically baking, Bright is researching and experimenting with new recipes and ideas. D-Lish by Denice features new varieties and flavors of cookies each week. 

Since she began D-Lish by Denice, Bright has been in ever-present attendance at the Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market on Mondays, and the Kure Beach Market on Tuesdays. Noting the lack of confectionary vendors at the Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market, and eager to share her treats with those who have yet to try them, Bright is visibly pleased by the reactions of both potential customers who take advantage of the free samples she often has available at the market, and the repeat customers she has already attracted.  

“The most rewarding experience is seeing customers try my samples, and be happy with them,” Bright said as she sold a young man his second bag of cookies that day. 

At the present, D-Lish by Denice is available at both the Kure Beach Market and Wrightsville Beach Farmers’ Market. She also takes orders via email at

Online ordering will be available soon but right now, Bright says she is “...really happy keeping things small, and optimistic about the future.”

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