Halliganís opens with strong following

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staff photo by Benton Sampson

In May 2013, the Brasserie du Soleil in Lumina Station expanded its existing outdoor patio adjacent to the shopping centerís small garden and fountain, adding a romantic ambiance to the outdoor dining experience.

With nearly a month under his belt at the second Halliganís Public House location in Lumina Station, owner B.T. Corrigan said he has been pleased with the amount of traffic the Irish pub has seen.†

ďThe response from the Landfall and Lionís Gate neighborhoods has been great,Ē Corrigan said.†

The two-story restaurant took over spaces previously occupied by Stone Crab Oyster Bar and Fountainside Gallery. Corrigan said the second floor would be open soon for a sports-themed area complete with a large projection screen, televisions and darts.†

Halliganís is known for its traditional Irish fare like corned beef, and Corrigan said the Lumina Station location would be introducing a new menu with more seafood options like seafood pasta, mahi, salmon, grouper and flounder. Served as specials for the first month in the new location, he said the restaurant would benefit from having more seafood items on the regular menu with the heavier tourist traffic around Lumina Station. Because it is in a much more residential area, the Halliganís on Masonboro Loop Road will continue with the same menu, he said.†

Corrigan said the Lumina Station Halliganís would still have daily lunch and dinner specials, and said to look out for smoked pork chops and a variety of different steak cuts.†

Other menu changes coming to Halliganís include a new late night menu in addition to the lunch and dinner options available seven days a week. Corrigan said the menu would consist of wings, burgers, wraps and salads, and that the kitchen would remain open until midnight.†

An additional new development roughly one month old in Lumina Station is the Brasserie du Soleilís expanded patio dining. Overlooking the landscaped Lumina Station pond, the expanded patio seating was designed by Joel Tomaselli, said Brasserie manager Gina Netisingha.†

The decision to expand the patio seating was based on the demand for outdoor tables, Netisingha said, adding that with 88 seats inside, more space was needed because a typical Saturday night can serve around 300 guests.†

ďIt was in the walkway basically so that was five tables and about 20 seats,Ē she said.
ďWhen you look at the patio now there are not that many more seats but it just looks nicer, the presentation is better and we were able to utilize the space.Ē

The larger space for the patio also allows the Brasserie to reconfigure the seating arrangements based on party size, Netisingha said.†

Through June, Netisingha said 2013 has been a good year for the Brasserie, adding that the French bistro recently reworked some items on the menu to reflect the summer season.

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