Town to host pest control workshop

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, May 15, 2013

In response to recent calls from residents with concerns about issues with pests including rodents, ants and cockroaches throughout the town, Wrightsville Beach will host a pest control workshop for residents in conjunction with its exterminating contractor, Economy Exterminators. 

Town of Wrightsville Beach Public Works assistant to the director Steve Dellies said he hopes residents bring plenty of questions to the May 21 workshop. 

“A lot of this discussion will be a real quick description of what the town is allowed to do and then Economy Exterminators will be there to answer questions about what individuals can do,” Dellies said. 

Currently the town contracts with Economy Exterminators to service the municipal buildings and public street ends, but residents cannot request pest management services through the town. Dellies said rats have been a persistent pest in Wrightsville Beach due to the ample supply of food, water and shelter they appear to have found. 

Scott Szabo of Economy Exterminators said the entire Wilmington area has a consistent issue with roof rats and wharf rats. 

“It is not just Wrightsville Beach that has this issue; rodents like to be around humans,” Szabo said. “The roof rat seems to be more of a nuisance because they like to get inside.”

Around Wrightsville Beach Szabo said the heavy bushes, like those that can be found mostly around the north and south ends of the island, can serve as a harbor for wharf rat nests. Roof rats either prefer the tops of palm trees or attics. To mitigate the chances of roof rats entering their houses, Szabo said residents should know where to look for entryways. 

“Areas that are common are around the heat pump where the Freon line goes into the structure,” he said. “Also with the homes being on pilings, a lot of the plumbing comes straight down through the bottom of the house and the areas around those pipes are not sealed up properly.” 

Other prevention tips Szabo offered include properly sealing all trash bags, making sure pet food or bird seed is not readily available and setting traps. 

Dellies said he encourages all residents to bring any questions they might have to the workshop, which will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 21, in Town Hall Council Chambers. 


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