ONLINE UPDATE: BOA holds first budget meeting

by Cole Dittmer
Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Wrightsville Beach Board of Aldermen just concluded the first Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget meeting at Town Hall with all department heads and town manager Tim Owens. 

Owens recommended preliminary balanced, revenue neutral budget for FY 13/14 totals $10,676,292, which is approximately $1 million more than the FY 12/13 budget with a proposed tax rate of $.133 per every $100 of assessed property value. The total tax valuation for the town is approximately $2.5 billion. 

The largest proposed expenses to be drawn from the town's Capital Improvement Plan for FY 13/14 include: the virtualization of the town's servers at $32,000, two police cars at $30,000, building maintenance projects totaling $50,845, the Pelican Drive bulkhead replacement at $110,000, and the purchase of a new fire truck for $112,000. 

The eight division of the town Public Works department collectively has the largest recommended budget of all departments at around $6 million while the Wrightsville Beach Police Department has the second largest at $2,625,194. 

Owens said Thursday night's workshop was to provide the board with an overview of his proposed budget and that more details would be involved at the next workshop on Monday, April 8. 

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