Hook, line and sinker

by Skylar Walters
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

As the month of March continues to progress, so do the more favorable conditions that anglers are awaiting. Water temperatures have crept up slightly since last week, now reading in the 50-degree range. The warm weather has definitely helped but the extended forecast is showing some chilly and wet conditions for the weekend, meaning a possible slowing or retreat of what has already improved. The good news is only another week and a half or so and the month of March will be nothing but a memory. April is yet another obstacle to get through, but the fishing should be showing more signs of life.

Even though the fishing is far from perfect, the warmer and sunny weather had many people around the water last weekend. While not everyone had success, some did, and even those who didnít came home with a sense of satisfaction.

Red drum are showing more aggression, although the fishing for them is not that spectacular unless you manage to find a large school of them and can keep them from spooking. Speckled trout are also showing a little more interest in the shallows as well.

The lower Cape Fear River has been producing some of the better fishing for our area, although some fish are still being found around the Wrightsville Beach and Topsail areas. The fishing around New River is probably some of the best fishing being found right now, but knowing the area or having someone guide you is probably your best bet to catch some fish.

Offshore, wahoo are the main catches with a few blackfin tuna mixed in. Anglers geared for jigging have managed some decent action from African pompano and amberjack among other varying bottom dwelling creatures. 

Elsewhere itís mainly a waiting game for anglers, as water temperatures continue to warm and other species start their annual migration into the area. Some bluefish should soon start showing up around the inlets and jetties, barring any significant drops in water temperatures or conditions in the coming weeks. 

For those who are waiting or relying on instant reports for when the action starts kicking off, there are several options available. Obviously contacting your local fishing tackle store, such as Texís Tackle and Intracoastal Tackle in the Wilmington area will give you almost instant and up-to-date fishing information. And as usual, the web can be a fantastic thing for this process. Fryingpantower.com is an awesome website for fishing related information for offshore, inshore and jigging related interests. You never know, you might just get that bit of information you are looking for or you might just make that new fishing friend that can help you along the way. 

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