WBS Teacher of the Year radiates enthusiasm

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Staff photo by Allison Potter

Kimberly Guthrie has been named Teacher of the Year at Wrightsville Beach School.

On behalf of an annual collaborative effort by Wrightsville Beach Elementary School faculty and staff, kindergarten teacher Kimberly Guthrie was chosen as the Teacher of the Year.

A March 5 WBS newsletter thanks Guthrie for her efforts and dedication and states, Your enthusiasm and love of being a teacher is contagious and shines through your students.

Guthrie said she hopes her enthusiasm inspires her students, and she is honored to be Teacher of the Year.

I am honored Ive been chosen, she said. I think Im a hard worker, and its nice to be recognized, to have your practices validated by your peers. Its been really nice the overwhelming outpouring of congratulations from the parents of the children Ive taught over the years.

Guthrie has been a teacher for eight years and has been back at WBS for four years.

She said as a teacher it is important to get to know all of the students in the classroom.

I try to provide authentic learning engagements that are relevant and meaningful to their lives and also multiple perspectives, not just looking at things through one lens, Guthrie said. For example, spring: We may not just read stories about spring, but look at paintings and do dances and things like that, and listen to Flight of the Bumblebee. Students learn differently. Its not just one size fits all. I have to take into consideration that children are going to pick things up at a different pace, not everyone learns the same way. That doesnt set me apart, but it is my philosophy. And I inundate them with literacy opportunities. They read and write all day long. Kindergarten is the new first grade, so were not just building blocks anymore. These kids know how to read when they leave.

Guthrie is also working on her Master of Education degree with a specialization in language and literacy at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She said she anticipates receiving her degree in December 2013.

You never stop learning, she said. I try to model that for my students too. Its important to never stop learning, if you do it independently, through higher education. The pursuit of knowledge is a worthwhile endeavor indeed.

Teacher Debbie Sewell, who is on the same kindergarten team as Guthrie, said Guthrie has been helpful and graciously shared a lot of resources this year.

Shes been a big help to me, Sewell said. Were back and forth all the time. Shes just been very supportive.

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