Ignite the light: they let it shine

by Shannon Rae Gentry
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Supplied photos by Matthew Dols 

Firework, a Katy Perry tribute band, will perform in Halyburton Park on Friday, March 29, to benefit Canines for Service.

Like the iconic pop-star Katy Perry’s upbeat and contagious music, a local nonprofit’s philosophy and mission is catching. In October 2012, Chords for a Cause welcomed well-known performers Edwin McCain and Vanessa Carlton to Wilmington to benefit Canines for Service and the Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. 

Also there, the John T. Hoggard High School Voyagers Choir joined these headlining acts, and among them was senior Melody Wolfe, who has now organized her own benefit concert as her senior project. Also benefitting Canines for Service, a local Katy Perry tribute band, Firework Tribute Band, is featured.

On Thursday, March 7, Wolfe said she has learned it takes more effort than she thought to plan a fundraising event, but it has been a fun and beneficial learning curve.

“This has really shown me how many people are in our community who are willing to donate their time,” she said. “I guess from now on I’m going to be more aware about what I’m spending my time on and make sure that it is something of value.”

Because of her interest in therapy and love for dogs, Wolfe said it was an obvious choice to raise money for the program. 

“I’m really excited that I’m bringing awareness to Canines for Service,” she said.

Sharing the same love for therapy dogs, Wolfe said everything fell into place with her good friend and Firework lead singer, Kalin Goriup.

As a freshman at the University of North Carolina Wilmington studying psychology while fronting the band as Katy Perry, Goriup said the partnerships built leading up to this event fit well with the message in many of Perry’s songs, including the band’s namesake, “Firework.”

“It’s a beautiful story she tells in ‘Firework,’ because it tells people that no matter who you are, you’re empowered,” Goriup said.

Wolfe said her mentor has been really important to her project’s success. 

“Honestly, I really didn’t think I could pull it off,” she said. “Going into this semester, I had no idea what I was going to do, but my chorus teacher sent me to Dr. Brezinski.” 

Chords for a Cause founder Dr. Damian Brezinski said his nonprofit is sponsoring the event, and he is proud of Wolfe and the band for taking the project’s mission statement and philosophy further than imagined.

“This is exactly what Chords for a Cause is about; it’s about taking people and inspiring them to do their version of this,” Brezinski said.

“But it’s not about Chords for a Cause, it’s not about these adults that run these big charities, it’s about kids in high school and college having learned something from Chords and doing it their way,” Brezinski said.

For more information about Canines for Service, visit www.caninesforservice.org

To hear the Katy Perry Tribute Band Firework, visit www.fireworktributeband.com

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Want to go?

Benefit Concert
featuring Firework: Katy Perry Tribute Band

Friday, March 29, at 5 p.m.

Halyburton Park

Free with $10 donation
appreciated for Canines for Service

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