Halligan’s heads to Lumina Station

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Staff photo by Emmy Errante 

A second Halligan’s Public House is opening in Lumina Station at the locations previously occupied by Stone Crab Oyster Bar and Fountainside Gallery.

In the middle of May a second location of Halligan’s Public House will come closer to Wrightsville Beach at Lumina Station.

The new Halligan’s, located at 1900 Eastwood Road, will take the space of the former Stone Crab Oyster Bar and the former Fountainside art gallery next door for a total of 4,750 square feet.

Halligan’s owner, B.T. Corrigan, said the decision, official on Tuesday, March 5, was made after the spot opened. The two restaurants will be very similar.

“There was a spot next to the current restaurant, which made it a perfect location for what I was looking for, it being by the beach, shopping and the neighborhoods, like Landfall and Lion’s Gate,” Corrigan said in a telephone interview on Friday, March 8.

The original Halligan’s is located at 3317 Masonboro Loop Road. 

Corrigan said his corned beef has found a niche during the past two-and-a-half years his restaurant has been open.

“It’s a neighborhood restaurant,” Corrigan said. “You come into the Halligan’s on Masonboro, everybody knows each other, so you’re going to bump into someone you know.”

The new two-story restaurant will retain the Irish pub feel with a horseshoe bar and dark wood throughout the space.

“We’re doing a little cleaning and stuff like that, but we’re just going through the permit process right now, so we will probably get some demolition started in a week or so,” Corrigan said.

He said the core menu items — corned beef, sandwiches and entrees — would remain the same, but some items like seafood would be offered at the new location.

The menu currently features soups, salads and burgers, along with traditional favorites, such as fish and chips, shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash.

His regular customers already know his servers and bartenders. “So I’m going to be adding a whole new staff,” Corrigan said.

In the meantime, Corrigan said people could check out the Masonboro Loop Road location to see what is coming to Lumina Station.

Joel Tomaselli, Lumina Station general manager, said the arrival of Halligan’s adds another restaurant to the mixed-use development, joining Cameo 19 Hundred, Port Land Grille and Brasserie du Soleil.

Halligan’s will fill the last open Lumina Station retail space, leaving only a 1,327-square foot office space for lease before the development is 100 percent occupied.

“Hopefully it will be a Cheers-like atmosphere,” Tomaselli said. “… We’re looking forward to having a Halligan’s.”

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