BREAKING NEWS: WPD officers disciplined following investigation

by Daniel Bowden
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous called a press conference on March 5 to share the results of a 2-month long internal investigation involving a prostitution sting in downtown Wilmington that recently resulted disciplinary action being taken against several officers.

The investigation was called after it became apparent that officers had failed to follow guidelines for documenting cash used in the operation, and at least one officer overindulged in alcohol.

“[This department] has a history here,” Evangelous said. “This is the first incident in my nine years here that calls question to the integrity of the department. I will not stand for it.”

The undercover officers reportedly invited as many as four to six escorts back to a recreational vehicle as part of the undercover operation.

While he was not clear on what exactly happened inside the recreational vehicle, Evangelous said there was no sexual contact between the officers and the escorts.

A $500 “key FOB” camera was also reported missing during the sting. Evangelous said these cameras were commonly misplaced due to their size, but never before had one failed to turn up.

Evangelous blamed the incident on a failure of supervision, and vowed never to allow something like this to happen again.

“If I have to supervise the whole thing myself I will,” Evangelous said. “If I can't count on my staff, I'll do it myself.”


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