Foundation donates three bike racks to town

by Kelly Corbett
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Staff photo by Allison Potter 

The Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Foundation donated three bike racks to the town of Wrightsville Beach, which have been placed on Birmingham and Greensboro streets and at Johnnie Mercer’s Pier.

The Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Foundation donated three bike racks, valued at about $1,200, to the town of Wrightsville Beach to allow more space for residents and guests to lock their two-wheeled methods of transportation.

The bike racks were placed on Birmingham and Greensboro streets and Johnnie Mercer’s Pier by the public works department following approval by the Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee and the Board of Aldermen.

The existing rack at Johnnie Mercer’s Pier was moved to Stone Street to join another smaller rack.

“We had talked about doing it since last summer,” said foundation member Jim Mincher.

He said it all finally came together and the racks were put in place one week ago.

“Basically, the recreation foundation just wanted to help out the town,” Mincher said. “Bike racks is one way of doing it this time.”

Mincher personally rode around on his beach cruiser on Memorial Day and Labor Day in 2012 to survey the one-mile span from Stone Street to The Islander to count the number of bicycles, see how many were locked properly and whether people were using the recently added bike rings.

On the foundation’s future agenda, the beautification of Wrightsville Beach is listed as an item.

The foundation uses funds raised from the Taste of Wrightsville Beach and the Farmers’ Market to support projects throughout the year. 

“It bridges the gap between public funding and private funding,” Mincher said.

In the past, the foundation donated kayaks to Wrightsville Beach School and also funded the first three years of the Farmers’ Market.

The 9-foot racks store nine bicycles, whereas the smaller racks hold about four or five bicycles.

“I think it will keep people from pushing their bikes all of the way out to the beach access and locking them to whatever they can find out there,” Mincher said. “... They’re sturdy, and they will be there for years to come.”

Katie Ryan, parks and recreation program supervisor, helped choose the locations of the new racks.

She said they will provide more spaces for people to lock their bikes in addition to being more visible to those who do not know there are already racks or rings to lock up their bikes.


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