Dragonflies on the move

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Staff photo by Emmy Errante 

The interior of Dragonflies' new location at 4106 Oleander Drive is being renovated in preparation for the boutique’s move.

The midtown boutique Dragonflies will be moving across Oleander Drive from its current Anderson Square shopping center location to the standalone, 9,700 square-foot two-story building at 4106 Oleander Drive this month. Located next to the La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery, the building has formerly been home to restaurants like Midtown Seafood, Soho Steakhouse and Annabelle’s, and has been a fixture on Oleander Drive since 1973. 

When she began to consider buying Dragonflies’ current location, the boutique’s home for 10 years, owner Tricia Melvin said she could not pass up the opportunity to buy the unique location across the street. With the interior’s exposed brick and multiple levels and sections, Melvin said she likes how the building does not match other structures in the area. 

“We were looking at buying this and then when that opportunity arose over there, really when I walked into the building I fell in love with it,” Melvin said. “It has a lot of character and it looks like something you would see downtown.”

The building not only stands out from its surroundings, but also for many native Wilmingtonians, Melvin said, noting that after buying the building she has heard many stories of couples who had their first dates or became engaged there. 

“I think it will definitely be more of a destination spot just because there is a lot of character to the building and a lot of people have connections to the building,” she said.  

As far as remodeling the interior, Melvin said the entrance would be modified to reflect the building’s new purpose, but that the building seems naturally suited for retail now that the kitchen and other restaurant features were removed. Melvin has hired TMC Construction of Castle Hayne to complete the renovations. 

Although the new space is two stories, it is only 700 square feet bigger than the boutique’s Anderson Square location. Melvin said she has found more bridal and men’s lines to fill the added space and will still carry the same selection of jewelry, flatware, handbags, and women’s and babies’ attire. Another new addition Melvin is hoping to include in the space is a monogramming machine to provide in-store monogram services. Along with the added men’s lines, Melvin said the second floor room that overlooks Oleander Drive would be converted to a man cave complete with leather chairs and a television fixed on ESPN. 

Moving across the street will be completed section by section, Melvin said, adding that the goal is to be open in the new building by Feb. 1. 

“Everybody has been really positive about the move and excited to see what it’s going to look like,” she said. “I think it is going to be great over there; I’m hoping we are going to be able to do some more seasonal things … now that we have access to the parking lot, like put some pumpkins out, and have more in-store events.”

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