Population, average income tumbles

by Michelle Saxton
Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wrightsville Beach’s population and average income have declined, according to recently released United States Census figures.

American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates for 2007-2011 show the average income for the town’s 1,024 households was $153,121. That is down from $184,658 for its 1,131 households in 2006-2010. 

The average retirement income dropped to $33,243 from $34,369.

New Hanover County’s mean income for its 84,825 households was $69,636 in 2007-2011, while the mean retirement income was $24,293.

Total population for Wrightsville Beach dropped to 2,519 from 2,587, and the total housing units fell to 2,743 from 3,160.

Gross rent as a percentage of household income rose for those earmarking 35 percent or more of their earnings for rent — 57.6 percent in 2007-2011 compared to 36.8 percent in 2006-2010.

Other Wrightsville Beach findings from the most recent 5-year American Community Survey estimates include:

• Selected monthly owner costs for housing units with a mortgage — 87.7 percent paid $2,000 or more. About 36.6 percent of homeowners with mortgages spent 35 percent or more of their household income on monthly owner costs.

• Educational attainment — 98.1 percent of residents 25 years and older earned at least a high school diploma, while 63.7 percent earned a bachelor’s degree or higher.

• Veteran status — 9.5 percent of civilian residents 18 years and older are veterans.

• Employment — 24.3 percent of the town’s 1,288 employed civilians 16 years and older worked in the arts or entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services industry. The next highest percentage was 21.9 for educational services, health care and social assistance. 

• Commute — The average travel time to work was 19.8 minutes.

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