ONLINE UPDATE: Titan responds to CFEDC study

by Daniel Bowden
Saturday, December 1, 2012

Following the presentation of an an economic impact study conducted by University of North Carolina Wilmington professor of economics Dr. Craig Galbraith, general manager of Carolinas Cement Company Bob Odom released a prepared statement.

“It is unfortunate that at a time when unemployment in our tri-county area stands at 8.9 percent, there continues to be efforts to undermine companies’ ability to bring good paying jobs and capital investment into New Hanover County,” Odom said.

Odom also questioned the validity of the study, considering “it was not peer-reviewed,” and Dr. Galbraith “has a long history as an active and outspoken member of the Stop Titan Action Network.”

In his statement, Odom referred back to the 2008 economic impact study commissioned by Titan, which concluded that building the plant would create 1,000 constructions jobs during it's two-to-three year construction, 160 permanent jobs once it was operational, “and 350 ancillary jobs to support plant operations.”

The cement plant Carolinas Cement Company and its parent company, Titan America, LLC, has proposed bringing to Castle Hayne would sit on 1,900 acres of land on the banks of the Cape Fear River, just north of Wilmington.

A poll conducted by Raleigh-based Public Policy Polling in April, 2011 showed 52 percent of the 649 New Hanover County residents polled oppose the construction of the plant, 36 percent support it, and the rest are unsure. Much of the concern regarding the construction of the plant is due to its potential environmental impact.

“This plant will be the most efficient, environmentally safe cement plant in the world,” Odom said. “Carolinas Cement is committed to ensuring that public health, the aquifers, the Cape Fear River and Island Creek will be protected throughout every step of this process.”

More on Dr. Galbraith's study can be found at:

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