ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: County election results official

by Kelly Corbett
Friday, November 16, 2012

During the New Hanover County Board of Elections canvass on Friday, Nov. 16, the official results showed that none of the local elections are close enough for a recount.

Elections director Marvin McFadyen said the difference in the county commissioners’ race between current vice chairman Jonathan Barfield Jr. and runner-up Derrick Hickey, who is a member of the New Hanover County Board of Education, were not within the 1 percent range necessary for a recount.

“Jonathan Barfield and Derrick Hickey had a margin of a little less than 1,000,” McFadyen said. “I’ll say on election night they were very close to being within that 1 percent. As we continued to finalize the results last week just in the hand counts, they exceeded outside the range of the 1 percent so therefore the runner-up never qualified for a possible request for a recount.”

McFadyen crunched the numbers during the meeting, which showed the difference between the two candidates at 1,208 votes.

Of 104,405 votes cast, Barfield received 48,958 votes, Hickey received 47,750 votes, Beth Dawson received 51,844 votes, Woody White received 52, 923 votes, Robert Zapple received 43,967 votes and Robert Murray received 38,582 votes.

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