Landmark commission to catalogue historic structures

by Cole Dittmer
Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In a continued discussion initiated at the Wrightsville Beach Historic Landmark Commission meeting in March, the commission voted to move forward in recruiting a college student to compile a catalogue of the historic structures on the beach strand and Harbor Island at its meeting on July 9. This project arose from the commission’s desire to shift the initial proposal of designating historic structures from the homeowners to the commission itself.

With this catalogue, the commission would have a working document detailing all of the possible and already designated historic homes and commercial structures within the town limits. This would allow the commission to approach unaware or new homeowners who live in possible historic structures in order to save more of them.

After the commission suggested that town planner Eryn Moller send inquiries to the University of North Carolina Wilmington and North Carolina State University’s School of Architecture about using the project for internship credit, Moller said both institutions immediately responded favorably to the proposition. Both Moller and the commission decided it would be best to solicit the services of a graduate student at NCSU’s School of Architecture who had already inquired about the opportunity. The commission also voted to allocate a portion of its annual $800 budget to be used as a stipend for the traveling expenses of the student.

Commissioner Robin Spinks noted that the intern would not have difficulty finding the structures that meet the age requirement of 50 years, but that discerning whether the structures are architecturally significant would take more time and research.

A switch in the landmark commission’s offices of chairman and vice chairman also occurred at the meeting, as Marjorie Way announced that other commitments would not allow her enough time to serve as the commission’s chairman. Catherine O’Quinn took over the position of chairman and Way moved into the vice chairman’s seat.

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