NEWS UPDATE: Wrightsville Beach Magazine scores interview with Tar Heel coach Roy Williams

by Marimar McNaughton
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wrightsville Beach Magazine scores with Tar Heel Coach Roy Williams


June 27, 2012, Wilmington, N.C. . . . One of North Carolina's beloved icons, University of North Carolina basketball coach, Roy Williams, is featured in the cover story of the July issue of Wrightsville Beach Magazine.


Roy Williams UNC 


Williams granted the exclusive interview to WBM from his beachside home on Wrightsville Beach on Memorial Day 2012.


WBM publisher and editor, Pat Bradford, conducted the insightful interview with Williams, drilling deeply into the content of Williams' autobiography, "Hard Work," to find a charming, frighteningly organized, demanding, emotional, fiercely loyal man who dribbled his way from a rural, mountainous North Carolina cotton mill town to the top of his game.


Last month, ESPN ranked UNC as the No. 1 college basketball coaching job in the country.


Williams recruited Michael Jordan from Laney High School in Wilmington, N.C. in 1980. In his remarks, Williams told WBM that Jordan "was gifted -- off-the-charts-gifted. If they ever take an X-ray of his body, his heart is going to be the biggest heart of anybody they've ever seen."


Bradford asked Williams what being a Tar Heel means to him.


"I think a Tar Heel is a person who very much cares about being educated, who very much cares about trying to better him or herself. When you're a faculty person at the University of North Carolina you have a tremendous amount of power because you're going to influence kids. So to me, a Tar Heel is someone who gives of themselves; a Tar Heel is one who cares about the right things and who has feelings and that feeling of that magical little village in Chapel Hill."


Williams answered questions about Wrightsville Beach and what it means to him to vacation there.


"Wrightsville Beach is the kind of place ... that I enjoy walking up and down the street. ... and it is funny that Chapel Hill, and Lawrence, Kansas, are the two places in the world that I can enjoy walking downtown, because I love college campuses. But Wrightsville Beach is a place that I enjoy walking a lot. I really enjoy walking the Loop, I enjoy walking the beach... I can let my guard down a little. It doesn't bother me when people come up and say hello or ask for an autograph or a picture. Even though this is my down time ..."


Twenty of the interview questions are printed in the July issue of the magazine which hits newsstands on Thursday, June 28. The magazine interview with additional questions and answers will be posted on the company's website at


For information regarding the interview, contact Pat Bradford, Publisher and Editor: (910) 256-6569


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